Paula Deen 9.5 QT Family-Sized Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System

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Are you looking for an air fryer to cook healthier quick meals that are large enough to feed everyone around your dinner table? If so this new 9.5-quart family-sized air fryer from Paula Deen is the perfect choice for you. What makes this air fryer so special is the single basket design and rapid air circulation system which allows for larger portions of food to be cooked at faster cooking times. Plus its simple knob design makes it easy to use for family members of all ages. Simply place the food in the air fryer set the timer and temperature dials and that's it! Paula has also added a handy cooking guide on top that shows the most common temperatures to choose from. Once the timer goes off your food is ready and you will find it's crispy juicy and a whole lot healthier than anything cooked in a deep fryer. That's because little to no oil is used so there are fewer calories. Finally it won't heat up your kitchen or leave a mess on your hands. In fact our single basket is made with a ceramic non-stick coating to make cleaning a breeze. You're sure to love using this air fryer and your family is going to love the food. And as an added BONUS Paula is including 50 of her favorite recipes to get you started like Fried Mac and Cheese Jamie's Cheeseburger Pies Fried Cajun Seafood Balls Fried Peach Pie and many many more! Get ready to prepare some of Paula Deen's best air fryer recipes or just raid the freezer aisle for some of your family's favorite guilty pleasures! Either way Paula has created the perfect air fryer to prepare family-sized portions of food on the lighter sideÑwith less oil and less mess! Love and best dishes y'all!


  • 9.5 QT FAMILY-SIZED AIR FRYER: Paula Deen's largest air fryer yet! Features a single basket design that allows you to cook large enough portions to feed everyone around your dinner table (5-10 people). Basket dimensions with cooking insert: L:11.75 in. x W:11 in. x H:5 in. Basket dimensions without cooking insert: L:11.75 in. x W:11 in. x H:6 in.
  • VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS: Use the simple control knobs to set the timer (up to 60 minutes) and the recommended cooking temperature (up to 400°F) to air fry bake roast or even reheat your food. Plus this air fryer includes 50 of Paula Deen's famous air fryer recipes to help you create a variety of delicious and healthier meals.
  • RAPID AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM: Powered at 1700 watts the rapid air circulation system and single basket design allows for larger portions of food to be cooked at faster cooking times.
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: Do you love crispy crunchy savory fried foods that are juicy and tender on the inside but not all the fat and added calories? Then you need an air fryer. When cooking with an air fryer you benefit from less fat and up to 85% fewer calories because little to no oil is used. Cook healthier food options for you and your family such as Chicken (up to 4Lbs) Steak Pork Fish Root Vegetables French Fries Pizza Cake.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Features FDA-compliant ceramic non-stick coating to make cleaning a breeze. After cooking allow the basket to cool down and then wipe clean with a kitchen cloth. Plus it doesn't heat up your kitchen or leaves oil residue and fumes in your home.


1 Year Warranty